TOP 3 Fun and Practical Smart Led Bulbs

Philips 3rd Generation Hue light(A19 60W equivalent)
PRICE:49$/1 pack
Feature:“Light Dancing with music”
1/Voice Control and wirelessly
Trough Amazon Alexa,Apple Homekit and Google Assistant.(Compatible with)
U can control the on-off, color,warmer or colder of the light all by sound.
Photochromic adjustment is just a word.
But this function is commonly equiped by all the wifi led lights.
And with philips hue app,u can also control the light remotely by pad,phone or tablet.
2/16 million colors and 50 thousand shades of white.
3/sync your light immersively to music, games, and movies.
It may be the most particular function,it is fun,u can take one to see what happened when u play the music Yesterday once more.Its color would change,like dancing with the rhythm.
It seems a little troublesome to use the light with a hue bridge,but it is ok.

Lohasled Smart LED Bulb(A19 9W 60W equivalent)
Feature:Smart enough and “No hue required”
1/Multicolored LED Bulb
16 million colors are available, from 2000k to 9000k. 
As I mention in another artical,Use warmer whites to help you read and relax or cooler whites to concentrate and energize. And in celebrations,such as Halloween,Christmas,a color changeable led light might add some fantastic atmosphere.
2/Remotely controlled without wire.
U would not need to grope in darkness,just scan the code and download the app and u can turn on the light once u back home.
3/No hue required
It seems much more convenient and cost-effective to own a no-hue-required light and save 20$.
One thing must be under consideraiton is that:this led bulb is a little heavier than CFL or Halogen bulbs,so if your lamp base is not solid enough,u may need to equip a new one.

LE:Dimmable LED Light Bulb(A19 6W 40W equivalent)
Feature:Cheapest smart led bulb
1/Steady lighting output.
With a control panel(included in 9.9$paid), its lighting output much more steadily.
2/Cheapest smart light.
If u think that a function of controling a bulb indoors within 10*10 meters,it is the nicest choice.
1/Only 16 colors available
2/Out of control outside the room,cause it provide no hue or app which are necessary to achieve remote control.
But anyway,it is not a bad choice.

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