Review For Lohasled Smart Led Bulb

As its product descriptions say,Lohasled Smart Led Bulb totally has these different functions(compared to other common products):
1.Work with Wi-Fi or cellphone traffic, controlled by APP on smart phones (Android 4.1 above or IOS 8.0 above). Work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home and can be voice controlled. Users can create groups to control two or more bulbs.
2.Make Home Lighting Colorful–Multifunctional design. 16 million colors are available, from 2000k to 9000k.
3.Lower than Philips,compared to 45$/pack for a Philips,this one only cost 22.99$.

1.No crakling and noise.I bought this bulb last month,cause the CFL making noise,they are good replacement of CFL for my ceiling fans in bedroom.ONE THING I need to maintain is that a peaceful environment is important for me cause I am easy to be awaked up,no crakling and noise,this is the first pro.
2.Easily controlled.As I mentioned above, I use it in my bedroom,and everday back home from heave work,it is the most relaxable time to lie down on bed and watch movie by pad or reading,when feel sleepy I can easily said ” turn off the light.” Alexa will close it for me.Of course,I had download the app that the instruction book mentioned.
3.Tone the color casually.Winter is coming,and it is really cold if u work deep into the night,it differs from writing on a bed table and turn the light to a brighter,daylight white,when watch TV u can turn to the warmer light,this multicolored function is useful!
1.Heavier than CFL or Halogen bulbs.It is a important factor that u need to consider when the lamp base is not solid enough,but usually it work well.

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